The Blues hopes to knock FC Porto out, as Tuchel has told his side that they are very confident about the race.

upEarlier today, Chelsea still had to discover that they were facing FC Porto on the fourth stage in the finals, but Tuchel is confident of his boys with the news already being written. With an aligning score of 3-0, 1-0 for Wanda Metropolitano and 2-0 for the Stamford Bridge, Chelsea led to Atletico Madrid, scoring both legs for the first time without a goal. Since his arrival, the German manager has led the side unbeaten and expects the rhythm when he fights Sheffield United for the next game.

Tuchel answered today in a press conference to be matched to FC Porto for her EPL confrontation with Sheffield United. Out of the eight meetings that Chelsea won five, two lost and only one won, and Tuchel is confident that his boys can add to the tally, while the threat that side poses does not underestimate. Tuchel told reporters that we trust himself. “We face a strong adversary, but now we think about how we can win it,” he continued. “We have a strong opposite. 

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