Over 7,500 signature petition, kick against release of Baba Ijesha

Over 7,500 signature petition, kick against release of Baba Ijesha

Over 7,500 people signed a request that Olanrahwaju Omiyinka, better known as Baba Ija, a famous Nollywood actor, not release, allegedly sexually attack a 14 year old girl in the hands of Adekola Adekanya, a popular comedian otherwise known as Princess.
The actor was said to have defiled the minor at the age of seven and to have replicated the same at the age of fourteen.

The petition, which began on behalf of the adolescent mother’s pet mother, the Princess, by Bethel Foundation Aunt Landes, titled: ‘The defiling of seven-year-old girls does not release Olanrewaju James Omiyinka in Nigeria.’
On Monday morning, more than 7,600 signatories had accessed the petition platform at www.change.org.
“An years ago, I went downstairs to lock the door after I had arrived to comfort my aunt on the breakdown of my marriage and the loss of my son, he was very defiled (her other siblings had gone out to play at the end of the street). He told her to say no one and her bodies after cleaning some liquid (we suspected sperm and blood)” Princess said, when finding justice in the case. It was not anything.”


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After the State Policial Command in Lagos declared his arrest for sexual harassment on 22 April 2021, Baba Ijesha has been shot.
“Based on tentative conclusions, when she was seven years old, the perpetrator has begun sexual assault on the victim. He admitted to the crime and was taken by a CCTV camera in the complainant’s home.”
The images examined in The PUnch also showed Baba Ijesha kissing and caressing delicate parts of the girl’s body.

But a senior policeman assured The PUNCH in a round of events that the actor could be released in any case. The source said the courts had stopped sitting, and the suspect cannot remain indefinitely detained without a trial because of the ongoing streak by members of the Judicial Staff Union in Nigeria.
But with Baba Ijesha’s imminent publication, social media outlets have been outraged by many who oppose a police move.

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