98 percent of allocated COVID-19 dosages used – FCT minister

On Thursday, Muhammad Bello, minister of the Territory of the Capital, stated that 98% of the doses allocated to Abuja for the COVID-19 vaccine were used. He praised FCT inhabitants for their reaction to the government’s vaccination initiatives. The minister talked when he joined other members of his office to take the second dosage of COVID-19 vaccination, according to a statement from his Chief Press Office, Anthony Ogunleye.

The statement was entitled ‘COVID-19 second-dose vaccine is taken by Minister FCT.’ The article reads: “Bello showed 98 per cent of the doses allotted to the territory of the COVID-19 vaccine were used and congratulated the FCT to respond to the government’s immunization efforts. “He reminded them, however, that herd immunity can only be achieved by vaccination. So he invited all those who had not yet been vaccinated to do this.


  1. As former help of Buhari, Ohanaeze smokes against Igbo.

  2. “Regardless of what support we receive from the federal government in the FCT, let us take it and use it efficiently, as unless we get a significant proportion of our population properly vaccinated, then we will not obtain what public health authorities call “herd’s immunity.” The Minister further highlighted that, despite the steady drop in the number of positive FCT cases, people should not be complacent, but should continue to take precautions to protect themselves against the virus despite the huge number of citizens undergoing tests. “The Minister also informed the FCT Administration that the efforts of the FCT Health and Human Services Secretariat will continue to work closely to ensure that all residents are safeguarded against COVID-19.

    “He then urged HHSS officials to continue working for all installations established for the pandemic and installed in such a way that FCT is completely functioning ” ” ” “

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