How a well-known Ibadan gangster, Auxiliary, and his crew murdered a 36-year-old father of newborn twins

.On Wednesday, 36-year-old Rahmon Azeez was vibrant and full of life, with no signs of impending death. Saturday PUNCH learned that he had just received a visa to see his wife and twins in the United States of America, whom he had never physically borne since their birth abroad. He arranged for his wife to fly to the United States to give birth to the children. His hopes of reconciling with his wife and children, however, were dashed.

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 According to our sources, the deceased purchased a Toyota Camry and drove it to the Iwo Road Shopping Complex in Ibadan, Oyo State, which was established by his mother, Mama Ahmed. However, when they arrived at the location, they discovered that the entry had been blocked. 

Despite the fact that the location is not marked as a bus stop, commercial bus drivers are obstructing traffic. He is believed to have requested that the drivers leave the entry open so that customers and guests to the facility might gain access. However, according to reports, his speech sparked a fight. The park officials were accused of swooping on the young man and inflicting blows and slaps on him after the drivers reported him to them. His mother’s tenants and phone dealers were claimed to have saved him from the drivers and park managers because he was a popular figure at the complex. Unsatisfied, the assailants allegedly left to mobilize and attacked the facility, according to reports.


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His mother’s tenants and phone dealers were alleged to have saved him from the clutches of the drivers and park managers because he was a popular figure at the complex. The intruders apparently departed to mobilize and entered the complex with firearms after being dissatisfied. According to eyewitnesses who talked with our correspondent, the hoodlums targeted Azeez and threw stones, sticks, and other sharp items at him before stabbing him in the chest. Taye Salawu, one of the complex’s store owners, informed our correspondent that Azeez’s assailants made sure he was dead before fleeing. They later hid under the cover of the melee to pillage and vandalise the complex’s shops, he said. “I am not satisfied,” Salawu stated. According to Salawu, “unsatisfied with the level of destruction, they robbed shops and hauled away phones and other electrical devices.” The deceased’s mother, brother, and entire family were grieved as a result of the violence, and traders suffered massive losses. Ahmed Azeez, Azeez’s bereaved elder brother, told our correspondent that the leader of the Park Managers, Alhaji Lamidi Mukaila, popularly known as Auxiliary, led armed members who killed his brother at the complex. When asked if he saw Auxiliary at the scene of the attack, Ahmed stated, “There is video proof to back it up, and I witnessed it.” My brother was 36 years old at the time. His family lives in the United States, and he has a visa to visit them. His wife became a mother of twins. He hadn’t seen the babies since their birth. He intended to see his family, but this never happened. We laid him to rest. I’m devastated. I can’t keep talking for long. I’m not sure if this is a dream.” The tension at the complex was evident. Tension was palpable around the complex and from under the bridge to the Abayomi Bus Stop area when our correspondent visited the area on Thursday. Shops were closed, and several traders were observed loitering in the vicinity. The area was taken over by the police, Operation Burst, a joint security force comprised of soldiers and Amotekun corps. A total of 25 patrol vans were stationed there to avoid a further breakdown in law and order in the region. The hoodlums took their time vandalizing the establishments, according to our correspondent. Every glass in the room was shattered, and the floor was littered with shattered glasses and bottles.

Some of the affected shopkeepers escorted our correspondent to the location where Azeez Rahmon was assassinated. His assailants killed Azeez Rahmon. He was alleged to have reached a fork in the road, where his assailants pursued him and hazardous weapons were freely used to attack him.

Our correspondent learned that his body was subsequently picked up by neighbors, his mother’s tenants at the complex, and friends, and that outraged youngsters took his body to the Governor’s Office at the State Secretariat in Agodi to condemn the death. 

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