Day 3: New couple alert? – BBNaija

Day 3: New couple alert? – BBNaija

And we’re here to help. Almost everyone enjoys a good love story, especially when it unfolds in front of their eyes (and millions of others across the continent). Sammie and Angel are developing a relationship that we think could earn them the coveted (by our standards) title of ‘First Ship of the Season. Two days in, and we might have a love relationship to look forward to in the next weeks — or even days! This is a placeholder page for Sammie, which means this person is not currently on this site. Sammie was told by Angel that she was exhausted and that her feet were hurting, and that she was tired. All the anxieties of the day were kneaded away by her knight in shining armour, Sammie, as he went to work. During the session, Angel opened up about her life outside of the House, and Sammie listened attentively and took his time. While her personal masseuse worked her body, Angel clung desperately to the daybed she was sitting on.

Apparently, their fellow Housemates are also detecting the spark between the two young women. Today, the twosome jumped into bed, deserted their other Housemates and giggled during a talk with Jackie B. Pere opened the door and took a glance inside before shutting it again. He started singing Ella Mai’s “Boo’d Up” when he saw the lovebirds, which is a homage to love and partnership. It was said that they looked excellent together and would make good-looking offspring by their fellow housemates. Smiling, Angel and Sammie switched the conversation to another issue without responding to what had just been spoken. Angel had indicated to some of the geng earlier in the day what she had been up to.

Relationships are on my mind. In a relationship, I don’t know how to behave. “You heard that, Sammie?” Maria yelled. As for this one, we’re excited to see where it goes. Unrequited love is the result of unrequited feelings. Since Sunday night’s Live Show, Saga has been fixated on one person and one person only; Nini. As Saga stated yesterday, during the very first Diary Session of the Season, when she walked in, he couldn’t keep his eyes off of her. A few of occasions, she blew him off because she didn’t appear interested in talking to him. Her features and mannerisms appealed to me, and I hoped that we may become friends.” I didn’t feel it hit me back, but I could tell that it was there. But she didn’t seem to be interested. So maybe that’s why?” Biggie asked Biggie, not expecting an answer. Biggie,

“Creative: nevertheless, was ready with his own witty response.” As the saying goes, “The heartbreaker has his heart shattered” Nini’s actions contradict what Saga told Biggie he would do. They seem to find each other when they need to, despite Nini’s initial coldness towards Saga’s character. As much as he can, Saga tries to be near her as much as possible. In the Games Lounge, Arin, Nini and Jackie B mocked Saga about being a Casanova outside of the House.

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A few minutes later, Nini inquired about his relationship status. “I am single,” he replied. Last week, my last romance ended.” Affirmative, Saga said when asked if he was single and willing to mix with others. Today, he even handed Nini a piece of chicken he had for lunch. But There’s more to it than that, though. In a fit of pique, Nini complained of a strange neck ailment that was stressing her out.

“His hands are magical!” Saga, I’m feeling much better now. Nini said, “I’m going to prepare you something nice when we get the necessary stuff.”

Even though Nini insists she is not interested in dating because she is currently in one, it’s still early in the process. Saga’s objectives are also extremely obvious to him. Voyage to the high seas? Will she change her mind and allow the ship to set sail? Only time will tell if this is a success or a failure It’s Big Brother Naija after all! 

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