How we murdered ten females for fortification rites and stormed Imo prison and police stations – ESN commander

How we murdered ten females for fortification rites and stormed Imo prison and police stations – ESN commander

Benjamin added, “I am from Uzombe town in Uguta, Imo State.” In 2019, I was in the village when a man named John approached me. He knew I had been looking for a military position without success, so he suggested I join IPOB. Every Sunday, I attended IPOB sessions in Orlu. I attended the meeting until Mazi Nnamdi Kanu launched the ESN in November 2020. “I volunteered to join the ESN and was trained with many others from throughout the country in a camp near the Niger Bridge. I was residing in a church in Orlu owned by Nwachukwu before going to the camp. We were given military training at the camp, and our phones were confiscated.

“After our training, we were handed boots and uniforms and told to return to our respective state commanders. My late state commander was Ikonso. We were not given any money. When I returned to Imo State, I went back to the church that was one of our camps at the time. Then we got an order that there should be no police or military roadblocks in the South-East. All ESN state commanders instructed their fighters to obey the instruction. I also followed the command since I swore my oath.” Benjamin claimed that they initially attacked a police checkpoint in Orlu, killing a police officer and two of his colleagues in a gun duel.

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He explained that after police raided their camp in Orlu, they migrated to Anambra State, where they continued their attacks on police stations and checkpoints. “Ikonso, one Engineer Mike, and Temple organized the attack on the Owerri Prison and the Imo State Police Command headquarters,” he claimed. We made off with 50 police weapons. We had over 100 fighters that went on the mission, but on the way back, several soldiers assaulted us, killing many of our men.

“Before Ikonso was assassinated in his home, we carried out a few other attacks against security units in Imo and Anambra states. Following his death, we set fire to the governor’s mansion and murdered a security guard.”

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