I only whipped my wife with belt, didn’t mean to kill her –Christopher, Edo waste manager.

I only whipped my wife with belt, didn’t mean to kill her –Christopher, Edo waste manager

John Christopher, 38, tells ADEYINKA ADEDIPE why he regrets killing his wife. 

What kind of job do you have? 

I work as a waste management specialist for a private company. I work as a cabbie. I have a garbage truck that I utilize. Despite the fact that I am not

registered with the Edo State Government, I used to work for a registered boss. Residents, on the other hand, decided to patronize me after learning about my business. I was born and raised in Edo and am Urhobo from Delta State. 

How much education do you have?

My formal schooling ended when I graduated from high school. I was unable to continue because my father died when I was a child. In 1995, I was in fifth grade. 

What caused your wife’s death? 

I merely lashed her with my belt that day, and I had no intention of murdering my darling wife. She rushed out of the room screaming as I was pounding her, and my first son came in to tell me that her mother was weeping outside and that he didn’t know why. I explained to my son that I had simply used the belt on her. As a result, we both went outside and saw her laying on the ground. I assumed she was acting, so I smacked her across the face with my leg and told her to get up and accompany me inside. She didn’t react, so I walked inside with my son, hoping she’d come back later. I later learnt that some individuals came to see my son and myself after we got inside.

I don’t know who took her to the hospital, and I don’t know who did it. They subsequently returned and informed her that she had died. Because I was afraid of being lynched, I decided to slip out of the house. I was caught up in the process and was beaten before being taken away by vigilantes. Despite my situation, I continue to aspire for a bright future for my children. If I am successful in resolving this issue, I will provide proper care for my three children and ensure that they grow up to be nice people. I will also make certain that kids have a good education. I will try my best for them. It was not my goal for their mother to die. I had no intention of murdering her.

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Why do you normally bash up on your wife?

My main issue is that I am easily angered. When problems at home developed, I would beat up my wife. I became enraged instantly, and before I knew it, I had raised my hands against her.

Have you ever mentioned any of your disagreements to her family?

I’ve done it multiple times, but the only thing my wife’s family advised me was not to touch her and to report her to them whenever she insulted me. But when I brought the subject up with her family, her brothers threatened to beat me up.

Would you change your behavior if you had the chance?

I would be more polite in my approach. I really regret my conduct. I would have approached the problem differently. I’m terribly sad, and I regret what I did because I never planned to murder her. It was a mistake. But, contrary to popular belief, I was not inebriated that night.

What can individuals who are prone to rage take away from your actions?

My suggestion to other husbands is to stop beating their spouses. They should avoid doing anything that would tempt them to touch their wives. They must not let their rage get the best of them.

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