Igboho is being treated as a detained animal – lawyer

Igboho is being treated as a detained animal - lawyer

The main lawyer for the detained activist of the Yoruba Nation Sunday Adeyemo, also known as Sunday Igboho, Yomi Alliyu (SAN) shouted at his client who had been detained in Cotonou, Benin, on Monday for claimed cruel treatment. In a Wednesday statement to Ripples, Alliyu said that Igboho is treated as a ‘beast’ and is subjected to horrible torture and imprisonment by the police.

The lawyer says that Igboho is reportedly handled under police custody for less than an animal, on the basis of what he has referred to as a ‘command from above.’ “I received an appeal from the Republic of Benin trustworthy source just a few hours ago that on Sunday Igboho was placed in the Cotonou Police Cell in an extremely dehumanizing manner. “The police source instructed me that Igboho should be chained together like an animal awaiting slaughter by command from above. He said Igboho was shackled securely to the floor and was painful

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“I can hear our customer crying and pleading for the police officer on the phone Chains and pains ought to be eliminated. But the officer informed him they couldn’t remove the shackles as they did it,” Alliyu alleged. “I know that our customer, Chief Adeyemo Sunday (also known as Sunday Igboho), will be summoned to a court in the city of Cotonou on Wednesday, Benin. “The Nigerian authorities and security operators arresting him will bring the Igboho Sunday back to Nigeria before the court for an extradition order. “But the request for an extradition order is not likely to pass. This is because of our client’s status as a political criminal with protection from extradition. He was even arrested

Security agents were against his offense’s political aspect. “There is an established agreement for the extradition of Igboho from Benin between four countries, Nigeria, Togo, Ghana and the Republic of Benin. “A political fugitives were excluded from the 1984 extradition agreement concluded with Togo, Nigeria, Ghana and Benin. It further says that the host country shall not release the fugitive if the fugitive is not tried for discrimination and/or undue delay in prosecution. ‘The four states who are signatoried to Article 20 of the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights have undertaken self-determination agitation A basic right of all countries to be preserved,” he continued. <p>

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