IPOB’s foolishness would erode any compassion they had obtained from the South-South, according to PANDEF.

Outlawed organization reacted to Clark’s remark by calling him a “general without foot soldiers”. According to a statement issued by IPOB spokesperson Emma Powerful, the lawmaker is not authorized to speak on behalf of the people of South-South. To this end, the PANDEF has requested an apology from Igbo leaders, claiming that the remark IPOB made against Clark was irresponsible. IPB’s foolishness, claimed PANDEF’s national chairman, Emmanuel Ibok Essien, will erode any sympathy they had garnered from the South-South, he added.

No inch of the South-South Geopolitical Zone shall be part of any imagined “Republican State” “Though PANDEF assumes no well-meaning Igbo son or daughter would sanction the aspersion by IPOB on our respected National Leader, however, we would insist that the Leadership of the Igbo Nation denounce the irresponsible statement by IPOB.

“And tender a public apology to the Elder Statesman, and, indeed, the entire Niger Delta people, in the interest of healthy relations between the South-East and South-South Zones. Anything short of that would be inferred to be tacit approval of the balderdash of IPOB.” It would be recalled that in 2017, the Nigerian army declared the Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB) a terrorist organisation. 

For IPOB or any other party to think that the Niger Delta Region would be a part of any arbitrary concoction is quite puerile.” On our conditions, the Niger Delta will leave Nigeria if it becomes necessary. It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Chief Ayodele Ogunsanya, former Minister of Information and Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Assuming that no well-meaning Igbo son or daughter would sanction IPOB’s attack on our esteemed National Leader, PANDEF insists that the Igbo Nation’s leadership repudiate the reckless IPOB statements.

A public apology to the Elder Statesman and to the entire Niger Delta population is in order in the interest of healthy ties between South-East and South-South Zones. This would be interpreted as tacit approval of IPOB’s incoherence.” IPB was branded a terrorist organization by the Nigerian army in 2017.

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