Kanu was detained despite the fact that he had proper identification. -Brother

Kanu was detained despite the fact that he had proper identification. -Brother

Nnamdi Kanu’s brother has disclosed how they chatted while he was in Kenya just before “he went missing.” Nnamdi Kanu is the leader of the outlawed Indigenous People of Biafra. Kingsley Kanu, the detainee’s brother, revealed that the detainee had gone for a walk when he was caught and was without his documents.

The UK Guardian reported that “his UK passport remained in Kenya.” According to The Guardian, Kanu’s brother, Kingsley, said he spoke with him “days before he went missing in June” while he was in Kenya. “I talked to him on the phone, and he was fine, in Nairobi. His companions claimed that when he went out, he did not take his documents with him, implying that he had no intention of going anywhere. Then we see him paraded in shackles in Abuja,” Kingsley explained. “It is a remarkable recreation, supported by Kenyan authorities,” he said. “This is an outrage that cannot be tolerated. “We are holding the Nigerian and Kenyan governments accountable. “The British government is aware of what is going on,” he said, adding that UK authorities had contacted Kanu’s family and legal team and that there were worries about his treatment in jail. “I’m worried about his well-being because you know how they’ll treat him,” Kingsley remarked. Lawyers for Kanu’s family accused the Nigerian government of “state kidnapping,” alleging that he was kidnapped in Kenya by Nigerian officials and transported to Nigeria against his will. According to the Guardian, Kanu visited Kenya this year with his British passport on a visa that expired in June, and that “his UK passport remained in Kenya.” Kanu did not have a Nigerian passport, according to his relatives, and he has vocally abandoned Nigerian citizenship in broadcasts. According to the medium, “the kidnapping of a person from a foreign country with the intent of bringing them to justice is prohibited under international law.”

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Nigerian and Kenyan authorities have denied any involvement in the arrest, while the UK consulate in Nigeria has stated that it has informed the Nigerian government about the matter. UK officials did not immediately respond to The Guardian’s information demands.

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