Memorable: FG keeps mother as Igboho stays in cell Cotonou for the third night.

The Federal Government of Nigeria has been keeping mother in the headquarters of the State Services Department in Abuja on the apprehension and planned extradition of the Yoruba nation’s campaigner, Sunday Adeyemo, better known as Sunday Igboho. It has been noted that Nigeria has pushed diplomatic buttons to rapidly repatriate Igboho to the DSS custody in Abuja, the former Head of Military Staff, and the current Ambassador of the Republic of Benin, Lt. Gen.

Yomi Aliyu (SA), Chief Counsel for Igboho, however, observed he could not be extradited because Nigeria, Benin and two other political refugees such as Igboho were exempt from the 1984 Extradition Treaty. Igboho escaped the raid and the secret police subsequently declared him wanted for allegedly stockpiling arms to destabilise Nigeria under the pretext of Yoruba Nation agitation but Igboho denied the allegation. Since Monday night in Cotonou, Igboho and his wife, Ropo are held in Police Custody while his lawyers discuss with the administration of Beninise to ensure its release and stop its extradition.

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Igboho and his wife, while attempting to take a flight to Germany, were seized by Interpol at Cotonou Cadjèhoun airport at 8 pm on Monday. The government of Nigeria wrote Interpol to hunt Igboho. It was learned. On 1 July 2021 the DSS attacked his home in Igboho’s Soka district in Ibadan, arrested and killed at least 12 of its members in the brutal raid.

Igboho avoided the attack and afterwards, under the guise of agitation by the Yoruba Nation, secret police announced that he was willing to store weaponry supposedly to destabilize Nigeria. But Igboho disputed the charge.<p>

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