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In the Darling Salon, not only may the Housemates find their perfect match, but they can also earn points for their efforts! It’s a race to see who can rack up the most points in Darling’s “Find Your Beautiful” contest and walk away with millions of Naira. Housemate Yousef announced the contest today as he read the Darling brief. Male contestants need just assist in the salon to get weekly points and a chance to win the top prize of 1.5 million dollars at the show’s conclusion…

Thank you for visiting the Darling Salon!

 Having never been there before, all of the Shine Ya Eye Geng were ready to start working as soon as they got there. Their motivation was not just monetary; they also wanted a fresh look, or, perhaps more correctly, to find their beauty. Before deciding on the looks they will be presenting, they quickly went through the haircare items and video tutorials provided.

Help wanted
 The Housemates didn’t hesitate to ask for each other’s help when it came time to get down to business. As much support as they could muster, they needed. When asked what they were strong at, the Housemates listed their strengths and what they might offer the next Housemate. “I have two sisters and am well-versed in the art of hair styling,” Cross added, citing his previous employment. They let him help out, and he was willing to study alongside Saga and Sammie.

Small Appliances

It was just in time, as Darling had just opened up her Salon, so Housemates could get ready for the Live Show. 

Bosses and helpers are in charge of a team.

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