I witnessed a woman and her murdered son in the room where I was being held by kidnappers — an escaped 14-year-old child

I witnessed a woman and her murdered son in the room where I was being held by kidnappers — an escaped 14-year-old child

Few hours after he was kidnapped, Felix Adekunle, 14, miraculously escaped. In the Okemapo region of Owo, Ondo State, Felix said he was kidnapped by some individuals who were inside a Toyota Camry automobile with tinted glasses. After school on Monday, he said, “I was selling slippers when the incident occurred.” I opted to sell in the market. 

Okemapo Road provides a quicker approach to the market. They said that one of my items had fallen to the ground as I was driving away. After dropping the dish on my head, I looked for anything that might have been inside, but there was nothing. I was knocked unconscious when the men jumped out of the automobile and 

dragged me inside the car. This led me to an abandoned blue home nestled in the trees. I’m not familiar with the area’s name. My eyes were drawn to the wailing woman and the headless body of a young person inside the building. It was her child, she said when I asked her. In another part of the house, I could hear men talking. After I untied the rope from her hands, she told me to follow her. Together, we fled the scene.

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“The woman fell as she fled. When she returned my call, she gave me N500 and told me to keep going without looking behind me. I had to run faster when I heard gunfire from the home. My adventure was recounted to folks selling bread on the roadside when I reached the main road. Police were contacted but did not react; 

Amotekun Corps was contacted and responded quickly, taking me to their office.” As a result of her son’s tardiness in returning home, Mrs. Abosede Adekunle went in search of him, believing that he had misplaced the sale earnings. I received a phone call from the Amotekun office alerting me that my son had been kidnapped but had been saved. Amotekun called me and asked me to pick up my son, who had been rescued from kidnappers. I was surprised. In this case, I thank the Ondo State Government for creating the agency. The officers had fed him before I arrived at their office, so my son was in good shape when I arrived there. Chief Adetunji Adeleye, the commander of Amotekun Corps, told Felix’s mother that the command received a distress call that some vehicles were driving dangerously on the Benin/Owo Expressway as he handed him back to his mother. The youngster, he said, was found by members of the corps who were tracing recklessly driven vehicles on the road. He told them about his trauma and was promptly taken to the Amotekun headquarters in Akure. This was the only thing he could recall, according to Adeleye, and it was an unregistered Toyota Camry with darkened spectacles. It was at this point that he got unconscious. In his explanation, he said his kidnapping took place in a rural area where he couldn’t contact anyone. In our office, he described how three men misled him into believing that one of his items had come off, forced him into their car, and transported him to an unknown location, from which he managed to escape. 

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