His fiancée pushed him to sacrifice his parents as part of an elaborate ceremony to earn money.

In order to take care of her, my girlfriend requested that I utilize my parents' money as a ritual. - A man cries out

Following the advice given by an anonymous writer on social media, a young man is forced to choose between his love and his parents, after being urged by his girlfriend to use them for religious rituals in order to afford the luxury of life she desired for herself.

As a result, he stated, “My girlfriend warned me to use my parents’ money ritual because I can’t provide for her requirements and threatened to leave if I didn’t take her advice seriously.”

Below, you’ll find some reactions from social media users.

Drewezemarcel wrote: “She stated you best add ritual to the plans, bro. She has already consented.”

Why doesn’t she do the ritual herself and earn her own money? “, asks solibabe. Nnaa, my sister, use your own parents to perform rituals, there’s nothing greater than using your own money.

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