THE Kaduna State Governor, Nasir El-Rufai, has described the anti-grazing laws signed by some of his colleagues as unrealistic, noting that while ranching is the ideal solution to the problem, it cannot be accomplished overnight.

El-Rufai also stated that Kaduna State would need at least N114 billion to construct 14 ranches in order to fully settle herders and their families.

The governor made the remarks while speaking to reporters at the All Progressives Congress National Secretariat in Abuja on Tuesday.

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“The northern state governors’ forum has already taken the position that open grazing is not a sustainable method of livestock production,” he said. And we must transition to ranching.

“However, transitioning to ranching will take time. We must have a plan, resources, and a methodical approach to implementing it. It is not a matter of passing populist legislation or declaring that something will happen tomorrow. It is not a viable option. We have taken a position as northern state governors and are putting it into action.

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“In my state, for example, we are building a massive ranch to centralize the herders. And that has been the solution for a long time. Can it, however, be completed in a single day? No.

“This project will cost us about ten billion naira. The CBN is assisting us with approximately 7.5 billion. It will take about two years to complete.

“We will make a decision about Fulani herd families. And I hope they will see that there are other ways to produce livestock than running up and down the road with cattle causing all kinds of problems on other people’s farms. We want to find a solution to the problem.

“It is counterproductive to politicize the situation and pass legislation that you know you will be unable to implement. So we’ve taken a stand and are working around the clock to put it into action.

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