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The indecent behavior of the flatmate is being denounced.
With a new video of her presently circulating on Twitter, ‘Shine Ya Eye’ roommate has generated new Twitter uproar.

The viral video shows the 21-year-old housemate purposefully flashing her genital area in front of her housemates.

Angel’s behavior did not set well with certain fans of the show, which has resulted in an ongoing debate between her fans and new detractors.

Take a look at these tweets:

This isn’t the first time the housemate has caused a stir in the home by the way she flaunts her figure. Female housemates have been gossiping about Angel in recent weeks, even promoting slutshaming at one time.

During his leaving interview, Niyi Lawal claimed that he had to caution a housemate about invading his privacy during shower periods.

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Jumia Black Friday Banners
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