Day 43: Housemates celebrate in Owambe style – BBNaija

BBNAIJA Biggie’s booming voice announced the storage’s opening, and the Housemates raced in excitement to see their presents for their Orijins Party, just like any other Saturday. If you’re wondering why there’s an overabundance of praises in the House, we’ve got you covered.

In their costumes, the Housemates served styles that kept loyal to the origins of Nigerian cultures and their variety. The ladies radiated the elegance and extravagance that set the tone for the evening; from the gleaming to the daring, each item made a statement.

The #BBNaija gents did not miss out on the chance to display their new fit while fishing for comments as they went about the House showcasing their new look. We understand the guys’ point of view; when you look so good, everyone gets to see your attire; otherwise, it’s a waste.

Day 43: Owambe-style celebrations among the BBNaija

The gathering
The Party Room was packed all night with housemates, and this was no average party. It was twice the set and double the energy for the night with DJ Shawn and DJ Dayzee on the decks. With the House once again displaying its dancing abilities, the dance floor took on a life of its own – paired with the bumping and grinding, the Party Room was filled with so much heat, and we enjoyed every minute of it.

Day 43: Owambe-style celebrations among the BBNaija

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The after-party drama began with Tega and Angel, who appeared to be role-playing at first until Angel began leaking all the details about Tega’s time in the Executive Lounge with Boma. Angel made sure to poke digs at Tega for acting extremely single when she’s already betrothed outside the House, tucked somewhere between her jokes and teases about the amount of alone time Tega had with Boma. Tega said that she has always made it clear to the Housemates that her marriage has no bearing on how she acts around the House, adding, “If I were single, I would still be as outspoken and outgoing as I am right now.”

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