Day 42: Sticky situation for Pere and Whitemoney – BBNaija

Pere was enraged that whatever Housemate had sticky fingers, and he resorted to telling the entire House about his dissatisfaction.

Day 42: Pere and Whitemoney are in a bind | BBNaija

Pere approached the Housemates in the Kitchen and questioned them about his towels and pillows not being there. Pere, on the other hand, went on the offensive in his handling of the situation, shushing Housemates from talking and outright asking them to shut up!

Being crooked Cross jumped in and attempted to lighten the mood by stating that there is joy in sharing and that he should not be concerned.

concerning his misplaced pillow When Whitemoney sought to talk with Pere, he was met with dismissiveness, which exacerbated the situation. Queen attempted to add her two cents to the matter, but Pere hushed her as soon as she attempted to intervene. The two Housemates exchanged a few insults, with Queen declaring that she is not to be trifled with.

Despite the efforts of other Housemates to defuse the situation, it remained the most talked-about issue in the House, especially since Whitemoney was caught in the crossfire of Pere’s rage. Pere’s attempts to anger Whitemoney may now be purposeful, Angel believes, because he never picks his words properly when addressing him.

Despite the fact that tempers were rising, Whitemoney took the initiative to arrange a meeting in the Games Room with Saga, Boma, and Pere. He expressed his concerns and addressed the issues between him and Pere by informing him that Pere’s behavior has made him feel terribly insulted. In Biggie’s House, they are all equals, so he politely urged him to reconsider how he approaches and addresses him.

Despite the lack of an apology, the boys acted maturely and worked out their problems, and we are pleased to see them address their disputes.

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