Today’s Task, Saga believes, could have gone differently.

Saga thought his team wasn’t given an equal chance during the Munch It Task, and by airing his grievance, he seemed to irritate a few other Housemates, particularly Liquorose. During the Munch It Task, his reaction over how slowly she handed the ball to Pere may have painted him as a villain. In light of this information, he convened a meeting with all of the Housemates present.

You were literally yelling.

Liquorose thought his method of expressing his discontent was callous, especially because he was always shouting. She claimed that if she had matched his energy, it could have turned into a shouting match. She also stated that his team had an unfair

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advantage over hers, particularly in terms of shooting the ball. He can’t honestly say that her team had it better while his team had a greater shot of throwing balls, in her opinion. Nini and Angel both agreed on this point.

Despite a brief outburst during the discussion, the persons involved eventually calmed down and stuck to their respective stances. Another fight appeared to be brewing in the kitchen, but Emmanuel drew Saga to the side and urged him to settle the matter.

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