The Northeast Development Commission broke ground on 500 housing projects in Adamawa on Wednesday, despite protests from insurgency victims who criticized the site of 300 units 250 kilometers distant from insurgency-ravaged towns.

Displaced people protest the location of housing units 250 kilometers away from Adamawa towns destroyed by militancy.

The development of 500 housing units in Yola South, a suburb of the state capital, was opened by Governor Ahmadu Fintiri.

Simeon Kwaghe, who bemoaned the placement of 300 housing units just a few kilometers from the state capital, which is far from the insurgency’s heartland, called the intervention a farce of justice for victims.

“300,” stated Mohammed Alkali, NEDC’s Managing Director.

The protesters also claimed that no single house was destroyed by Boko Haram in Yola-South or anywhere near the state capital.

Because of the inflow of IDPs into the city, residences will be built in the state capital. He stated that the remaining 200 units would be given to appropriate local government regions.

Some of the protesters who were stopped from disrupting the inauguration disagreed with the commission’s rationale for the proposed construction of 300 dwelling units in Yola South.

They said that the only connection Yola South had with insurgent casualties was the Malkohi IDP camp. There are about 1,500 refugees in that camp, which the government was considering closing.

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In 2014, insurgents overrun seven frontline councils of Madagali, Gombi, Maiha, Mubi North, Mubi South and Hong Local Government, resulting in the displacement of more than 600,000 persons, some of who fled the attacks by crossing into neighbouring Cameroun Republic

Why are dwellings for IDPs being built near the state capital rather than in any of the seven frontline council areas of Madagali, Gombi, Maiha, Mubi North, Mubi South, and Hong Local Government? They inquired.

The PUNCH has learned that the 300 housing units’ location near the foot of the Sebore hills drew harsh criticism from locals who claimed the region was hazardous and swampy. Their main fear, they claimed, was that the hill was home to an infamous kidnapping gang terrorizing the state.

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