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Farmers should not be expected to defend themselves with a cutlass against criminal herdsmen, according to Ortom.

Gov Ortom
Gov. Ortom wants farmers to be able to protect themselves with AK47 weapons.

Farmers should be permitted to carry AK-47 guns to protect themselves against criminal herders, according to Benue State Governor Samuel Ortom.

On Friday, September 10, 2021, the governor said this while receiving questions from reporters at the Makurdi airport in Benue.

Orotom believes it is unjust that herders carry modern weaponry like AK-47 rifles while farmers are expected to defend themselves with cutlasses and Dane guns.

“Farmers should be allowed to carry weapons that are equivalent to the weapons that herdsmen use to slaughter people,” he stated.

He expressed his delight that the House Representative is working on legislation that will ensure that every Nigerian has guns to defend themselves.

“Let everyone have weapons so we can face each other; you don’t want to face someone with an AK-47 with a cutlass and Dane guns.”

However, governors in the southern half of the country are taking steps to outlaw open grazing in order to address a persistent farmers-herders conflict.

Remember that the Southern Governors’ Forum recently set September 1, 2021 as the deadline for implementing the region-wide ban on open grazing of cattle.

The governors agreed in July that by September, all southern states should have anti-open grazing legislation in place.

Meanwhile, the Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore, Fulani Socio-Cultural Association has urged the National Assembly to intervene and prevent governors from enacting anti-open grazing legislation that targets Fulani pastoralists.

The group claimed that the measure will jeopardize the community’s current relative peace and stability, endanger social order, and exacerbate cattle rustling.

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