Mr ogbonna prince from Imo state who is based in port harcourt, narated how he paid 5,000 naira to be a nigerian citizen.

How i paid 5k to be a Nigerian citizen

Last year after the #endsars protest here in Nigeria, the presidency announced that all Nigerian citizens should get their NIN to link to there mobile sim card reasons best known to them,

i was not serious about the mater because i know nothing in Nigeria comes so easy on till this year that it became compulsory do to the Nigeran waec,

so i tried on many attempts to get my country National id that i was supposed to get for free as a full born citizen of Nigeria,

but unfortunatly it was imposible to get, I went to ,moscow road here in port harcout to get mine but the crowed was much that the workers their wount attend to you exept you have money to give to them which i don’t have.

1 week got passed and am still struggling to get mine, i have not filled any form not to talk about getting the NIN, it became impossible because people have no choice they are paying to get thiers done.

i later went to aba road NIN branch in aba road port harcourt, crowd was more than a thousand and the lines aint moving “if you no get money.”

after 2 weeks i finally got the money to pay for my NIN i paid 5,000 naira with lots of stress and waisted transport.


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