Boma’s married housemate insists she never crossed the line with her.

While the ‘Shine Ya Eye’ season may only be a few weeks away from its conclusion, its controversies will not be forgotten for a long time.

I never slept with Boma - Tega's underwear video in [Pulse Interview]
I never slept with Boma – Tega’s underwear video in [Pulse Interview]

Housemate Tega Dominic and actor/model Boma’s infamous rendezvous tops the list of controversy. In spite of being voted out of the show and apologizing for their actions, the two have continued to face intense online attacks from fans of the show.

When asked about the scandalous strategy that she used with Boma, she opened up in an exclusive interview with Pulse One-on-One.

Please elaborate on your statement about talking to your husband about your scripted strategy. Thank you.

A show like this with the marriage tag attached was going to be a bit of a shock. As a result of my appearance on the show, I felt like I was just trying something new. A married man or woman should not be present on a show like this, which has been painted as a show for singles. From the time I was single, however, I’ve been trying to get into the house.

“I’m not someone you can put in a box,” I told him when we got married. You already know what the show is about. Even though it is reality, it is also a show, and people need to be entertained while they watch the show. Uptightness is not acceptable. After this discussion, we agreed that there would be boundaries for the show.

However, because of the show’s stress and pressure, I considered leaving the show on my own accord at one point. It wasn’t until the fourth week that I ripped my shoulder that I realized how bad it was.

So when did you decide to take on the script with Boma’s help?

Clearly, nothing had been planned. A shoulder injury prevented me from doing anything like taking off my clothes. My situation was dire, and he was genuinely concerned. As a result of the delay, the area became inflamed and difficult to massage.

In any case, he began massaging it, and while I was enjoying it, my housemates began making remarks. That’s when the inspiration struck. We both agreed that there had to be some sort of limit. I agree that we pushed the buttons too hard.

And what about those scandalous videos? How far did things get between you and your ex-partner?

I’ve seen them. To make matters worse, Boma suffers from sinusitis and his bedside table is littered with tiny packs of tissues. I wake him up so many times to blow his nose. We were smooching. So it’s not as if we didn’t kiss, because we definitely did. We pushed ourselves hard, but we also set limits. We didn’t have any sex, but we needed something to make it look authentic.

A video of me trying to remove my nightwear when he called me to the executive lounge was also captured. It’s possible that I wanted to take a bath when he told me to hurry up and get dressed. As soon as he said that, I stripped down to a pair of jeans and a singlet, and we went in. We were talking about how the production crew was focused on what we were doing, and that prompted us to give each other a kiss.

He did not finger me, as some have claimed. Never once did we step over the line. No, I’m not saying this to defend myself, but I own up to everything I’ve done and admit that I’ve pushed myself too hard.

Due to his recent interview, the reality star has reunited with her husband amid rumors that their marriage is on the rocks.


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