How ‘one chance’ bus landed me in kidnappers’ den for two days –ICT expert

News flash: i was kidnapped by one chance kidnappers

Ifeanyi Okechukwu epitomizes the traits of a Lagosian: clever, bright, and energetic. A native of Lagos’ Bariga district, the 33-year-old has assimilated into the city’s culture.

The idea of getting snared in the web of city life had never occurred to him before. His navigation skills are impeccable as he travels the length and width of the city.

‘One Chance’ robbed passengers in disguised commercial trucks in June of last year, causing him to lose his job.

i was kidnapped by one chance kidnappers

The next Saturday, he left home around 11am to go to work in the Ogun State neighborhood of Arepo, which is located along the Lagos-Ibadan expressway. Okechukwu jumped aboard a yellow commercial bus in a park near Motorways to get to his restart time at noon.

The 10-passenger bus was filled within five minutes, and the vehicle left without additional delay.

Ikorodu Road was reached after a U-turn around two kilometers into the route. In an instant, five guys gathered around Okechukwu and his fellow passengers and threatened them with weapons. “Robbers! But why? In his mind’s eye, he said, “I got on the bus from the park.” As it turned out, Okechukwu had input ‘one chance’ after all. The hoodlums were also kidnappers.

“It was a Saturday afternoon,” he said. In the morning, I was on my way to work. I took a public bus to Arepo from Motorways. Bypassing an office of the Federal Road Safety Corps, the bus made a right turn. As a result, we assumed there was a lot of traffic and the motorist wanted to travel via Alausa to get to Berger. Ikorodu Road instead of Alausa was the route taken by the bus.

A fast bus passed by us. There was no escape path for Okechukwu and his fellow passengers, who were held at gunpoint.

“We started yelling at the driver, but two men came out with weapons and told us to stop. After a long sigh, he said, “That’s when we realized we’d been taken.” Within seconds of taking off, we had our eyes covered with pieces of fabric. We didn’t know what was ahead until we reached our destination and were asked to disembark.

Initially, the victims’ belongings were seized in a two-phase operation. They also gathered a variety of personal items, including cell phones, computers, wrist watches, and money.

“One of the victims who was in chicken industry had N250,000 stolen from him,” Okechukwu said.

Their only hope was that the gang would rescue them because they had lost everything in the heist.

Upon seeing Okechukwu’s identity card, which showed that he worked for an established firm, the kidnappers stated their demands.

Okechukwu, a shrewd Lagosian, pulled a fast one on his kidnappers. It was stated by him: “I told them I had resigned from the firm and did not submit my ID card after I left. When they asked why, I said that I was using the ID card to avoid being harassed by the police.”

In spite of his tricks, he had to spend two days in the wilderness. “We were only allowed to sip sachet water the entire time. In Anambra State, “we were freed on Monday when no one showed up to pay a ransom.”

After being stranded for a long time, Okechukwu and other victims were torn between sadness over their lost possessions and joy at their liberation. As he continued, “Passers-by informed us that we were in the Agbara region of Ogun State.” Several motorists were kind enough to give us a ride for free. Unfortunately, I don’t want to think about it.

Source:Punch news paper

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