It’s unclear why some Igbo men are calling for separation, according to President Buhari (ret.).

Ipob-I don't think any Igbo man want to leave Nigeria_-Buhari
Ipob-I don’t think any Igbo man want to leave Nigeria_-Buhari

It was “unthinkable” for an Igbo to leave the country, he said.

“The Igbo people are important in Nigeria,” the president said. “They are involved in successful businesses all over the country.

In Imo State, where he was on a one-day official visit, the President held a town hall meeting with South-East leaders and addressed them.

As a result of Nnamndi Kanu’s arrest overseas and extradition to Nigeria for trial two months ago, Buhari’s visit to Imo State coincided with Kanu’s arrest.

Outlawed IPOB had urged residents and businesses in Imo to stay at home and shut down in protest of Buhari’s Imo visit.

The PUNCH reports that Owerri’s main roads were deserted on Thursday, and the city’s markets and shops were closed.

statement quoted the president as saying that security would remain a major priority for his regime with less than two years left in his eight-year tenure as President of Nigeria.

According to Femi Adesina, the president’s press secretary, “I want to be remembered as the president who stabilized Nigeria.”

It’s a fact that Igbos are in charge of infrastructure and the pharmaceutical industry in every city in Nigeria, the President said, recognizing the Igbos’ resourcefulness and entrepreneurial spirit.

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Thus, I cannot imagine that any Igbo man would not consider himself a citizen of Nigeria,” he said.

It’s clear to everyone that the Igbo people run Nigeria’s economy.

The president expressed regret that successive federal governments contributed to the deterioration of critical infrastructure in the country, noting that no country can make meaningful progress without the development of infrastructure.

He promised that the Federal Government would complete key projects in the South East, including the 2nd Niger Bridge as well as the railway lines and routes connecting the region with other parts of the country, and he delivered on that promise..

The Igbos, he said, will benefit more from Nigeria’s ongoing infrastructure development because “they are more enterprising”.

Buhari had earlier given the go-ahead for four projects, including the Naze/Ihiagwa/Nekede/Obinze link road, the Balloon Driven/Flood Control Drainage at Dick Tiger Road, the Egbeada Bypass road, and the New Exco-Chambers at Government House, Owerri, to Governor Hope Uzodinma.

Asserting his admiration for state government’s work, President Buhari spoke to Imo residents at the commissioning ceremony of the Egbeada bypass named after a prominent son of the state, Chief Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu.

Imo State will be supported by him under the Federal Republic of Nigeria’s Constitution, he said.

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