For years, Kelvin and MaryAnn had been unofficially separated.

The ugly ‘husband snatching’ claims leveled against reality TV actress Maria have taken a new turn in the drama.

Kelvin and MaryAnn’s marriage, according to our source, ended a few years ago.

Kelvin left to Dubai after their marriage fell apart, while MaryAnn stayed in Nigeria with their children.

Kelvin and the reality TV personality met on a flight and hit it up. When Maria discovered that he was still legally married, things took a turn for the worst.

Kelvin apologized for not disclosing that he was married in a chat exchange with Maria, according to our source.

MaryAnn’s family, on the other hand, looked to be trying behind closed doors to repair the already shattered marriage.

Our source supplied a chat exchange between MaryAnn’s brother and Kelvin, in which Kelvin was urged to make his marriage work.

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