Malware strains has been a global issue when it comes to Android scam.

A company called Zimperium discovered a new way Android users may be affected by this malware strain called GriftHorse.

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All Android users need to know the new ways to get scammed

GriftHorse Android Trojans has stolen from more than 10 million individuals round the world,
On the other hand typical premium service takes advantage of phishing scam Technics,

GriftHorse global scam has hidden behind malicious Android applications acting as Trojans, by this way taking advantage of your device interaction for easy spread and infection

Zimperium said GriftHorse malware is the most widespread malware this year 2021

He also reveled that the malware was spread true Google play store and other third part app store they made millions of 💶 Euro’s during this campaign

The malware is tired on apps code, upon activation will storm users phone and with pop up ads about five every hour until the user finally clicks on it the malware redirect the user to a geo-specific webpage where they are asked to submit their phone numbers for verification.

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